Little Brother’s Rant: The Big Brother Smackdown Series

Edit: The post that was originally placed here is being rewritten and reorganized. Also, I’m moving the blog to a blog until I get a domain started.

One failing of mine is that when I write, I tend to have trouble stopping. So, what (in my opinion) may be an article/editorial very much worth reading, ends up being an oversized, overlong rant that combines too many vital topics into one post.

What usually results is that people tend to stop reading because it never seems to end. So, for lack of a better analogy, I’m going to rewrite the article in “bite size” pieces.

I think there are many things wrong with this country and government. However, solving them isn’t as complicated as our current lawmakers imply. Because of the uniqueness of our government setup, the consistent garnishment of power by our Federal Government has created the mess we are in.

Point of fact, the FedGov has taken so many liberties and powers that constitutionally don’t belong to them, that they now give the message to the public that Federal Involvement is the only way to fix things. The reverse is actually true. Giving power back to the States to handle their constitutionally empowered decisions is the only way to fix everything.

This is, in part, why I seemed to take off like a mad-man in my posts. There is just so much irony and hypocrisy in what the American People by the government that it needs addressing.

I am, actually, a decent writer and capable of organizing my posts properly. After reading the original post a couple of times, I’ve decided that is what needed doing. It is my hope that it will be taken more seriously and read and shared by more people when it seems more like an intelligent piece of writing than a rant that bounces around topics.

 The Big Brother Smackdown Series

(aka. Little Brothers Rant)

  1. The Constitution – Federal vs. State Government
  2. Career Politicians – The Source of Bad Government
  3. Political Parties – Democrats, Republicans, and Those Other Guys
  4. People’s Rights as Collateral Damage in The War on Terror
  5. The Clueless Generation
  6. 2012 Elections
    • President Obama
    • Mitt Romney
    • What are you supposed to do about it?
  7. My Solution



So far, these are the topics I’ve set to break the article up into a series. I can’t promise I won’t have a lot to say, but it might just make more sense. Also, the list may change as needed. To keep things as reader friendly as possible, I will link each topic as I complete them.

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