U.S. Debt Paradox: The Chinese Call Americans Evil, Yet Receive Annual Foreign Aid

These are polarizing times, especially in the United States of America. It is an election year and the battle between primary candidates has been fierce. Beyond the borders of our country, the Olympics have begun. Nations from all over the world compete in an age old competition of athletic supremacy. In such an event, where winners and losers collide, long hidden truths become self-evident.

In the recent curiosity concerning the possibility that sixteen year old Chinese Swimmer, Ye Shiwen, might have been doping (after a shocking five second jump in swim time), a response was offered by Dr. Chen Zhang Hao (who, incidentally, was a central figure in the Chinese doping scandals in the 80’s and 90’s) stating that:

The Americans are very bad, they do a lot of evil. But they don’t talk about themselves. America’s Phelps broke seven world records. Is he normal?

I’m fully aware that the premise of this comment is relevant to athletic competition and drug doping. However, it is generally known that, throughout the world, the United States of America (and by extension, Americans) are viewed in a negative light. This is mostly due to misguided foreign policy from our government, but a burden which every American citizen has to bear.

The one thing that doesn’t usually happen is for a foreign national, representing his, or her, country to publicly declare Americans as being evil, or very bad. When reading this statement, it struck me as ironic and laughable.

This is a time, in our country, where we are trying to put our house in order by electing the right politicians into office that will clean up governmental damage that has been spiraling out of control for over a decade. One of those pieces needing attention is wasteful spending.

After hearing a Chinese national calling Americans evil, I feel it would now be a good time to discuss the fact that China, having the second largest economy in the world behind the U.S., holds a 1.1 trillion dollar debt note. That, however, isn’t the shocking part. What is shocking is that, while borrowing money from China annually, we spend approximately 17.8 Million of that borrowed money by giving it back to China and calling it foreign aid.

I want my readers to be clear about what I am saying here. We, the evil Americans, borrow money from China and then give much of it back to them as alleged foreign aid. Yet, China still holds a debt note for the full sum of borrowed money.

Last week, this fact was merely just a political point of wasteful government spending. This week, it should now be a simple matter of calling an animal what it is. The Chinese perpetuate the American Debt, while receiving Foreign Aid, and still publicly acknowledges their belief that Americans are evil.

If they can loan us the money, then they have the money to fix their own problems. We should not be borrowing money and then giving it back to them while still maintaining the full debt. Personally, on a human level, if I loaned a friend money and then found that he was degrading me to other people, he wouldn’t be a friend any longer, and he certainly would not be receiving any more money from me.

Americans are not evil. We’re just fed up with hypocritical bullshit. From within and without our borders.

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