Big Brother Smackdown: Political Parties

Political Parties – Democrats, Republicans, and Those Other Guys

One thing that we hear the most during any election campaign, Presidency or otherwise, is about “Letting your voice be heard”. Now, I’m a guy that sees irony in many things. It just stands out to me. In this statement, the irony is amazingly blatant. I don’t feel the statement is true; and I certainly don’t feel the best people for our country are elected into office. More often than not, the guys that can fix our country are the ones nobody pays attention to.

The reality of politics is this, “Your voice can be heard if you agree with me”. I know this will draw the ire of people that insist that “voices being heard” means the ability to vote. However, as you can witness on Twitter, any given day, if one person wins over another, then the winner is supposedly right in all things they believe in. I don’t consider that “being heard” at all.

This country’s government was founded on the idea that people with opposing viewpoints can gather together and be heard as one voice. This is why we have Democrats and Republicans. There have always been other parties, though, trying to have their voices heard and failing in the task.

Despite political parties having always been in existence, votes were not cast based on what party you belonged to. In fact, candidates were often given fair chances to state their positions and argue why they were a good choice for the office. Now, these days, political parties are blindly followed by the masses. In order to have your “voice heard”, you must belong to a political party.

Why do I say this? It is because the Democrat and Republican parties have become political machines. Every race in the last century has been about either Democrats or Republicans. The alternate parties weren’t given fair chances because, either they did not have the kind of money available to the two mainstream parties, or they just weren’t taken seriously.

What happens when you don’t agree with either politician backed by Democrats or Republicans? Well, nothing, because you have no choice. Even if you do go vote, to have “your voice heard”, it doesn’t matter because a Democrat or Republican will win.

So, where do we place blame here? Or can we place blame? The truth is, we can’t place blame. It is the system that we have lived with since the birth of the country and it is the most efficient system available. It is not the Democrats, nor the Republicans, fault that there are not other available options. Those “3rd Party” options give up way to easily.

In fact, in the last decade, the 3rd party options tend to give up before ever getting to the general elections. In doing so, they “declare” which candidate from either Democratic or Republican parties they “sponsor”. This effect of this action is to flood one of those two primary candidates with more votes, possibly tipping an election scale.

Have you ever heard of a 3rd Party Candidate saying, “I’m dropping out of the race, but here’s another Independent Candidate that I will be throwing my support to”? No, and this is why we constantly end up with a two party election. This is why we have a two party Congress.

Even worse, because 3rd party candidates don’t go the distance to get themselves elected, there is no Independent Political Presence in our Congress. That is why Democrats and Republicans are always focused on “gaining control” over the House or Senate.

What do you think happens when one party or the other “gains control”? Well, we’re seeing the worst of it here, in 2012. Things don’t get done. One party is constantly blocking the other party from passing legislation, and it becomes a childish wrestling match of political supremacy. On a conflicting viewpoint, a two party Congress, what we have had since the birth of the country, creates a more structured environment; a majority and a minority. We call it a two-party system, but Independent Presence is not restricted. You just simply have to be voted in. In the eventuality that more Independents were voted in kept office, and grew, then they would become either the minority or majority, still continuing the two-party tradition with a 3rd party presence.

I have stated before that I will NOT vote for Mitt Romney. Even if I was a registered, loyal Republican I would refuse to vote for Mitt Romney. He has proven to be a liar time and time again. He flaunts his lobbyist friends by giving them key positions in his campaign. Really, what do you think he is going to do if he gains office? Those same lobbyist friends (who lobby for Big Business, Pharmaceuticals, etc) will be given Cabinet Seats. In effect, Big Business will be running our government.

I also do not wish to vote for Barack Obama, and I have stated that. Barack Obama, in my mind, started out as an underdog. He was an inexperienced legislator who ran on a ticket that said, “Look, I realize I’m the newbie here. I realize I don’t have years of political experience, but what I did see, I didn’t like and I want to help change that.” That, ladies and gentleman, is what we were looking for. As a result, and after enduring another Republican smear campaign, he was voted into office. It was there that his inexperience bled out. It was there that he started making compromises in order to get legislation moving. But, as we know, once you begin compromising with the best intentions, then you take the chance of not stopping.

President Obama has done some wrong things with the best intentions. I, personally, don’t like seeing him slammed by his opponents. In fact, at one address he made, he stated, “Look, I’m not a perfect man… You can ask Michelle about that. And I never said I was going to be a perfect President…..”

I loved that, absolutely. He knows he has made mistakes. I don’t want him punished for it, as Republicans are doing so effortlessly. However, I also feel like we, as American Citizens, need to take a stand on how long we will give “a chance”. We need real change, now. Not “Ok, we’ll give you another 4 years and see how you do.”

On one hand, you can say, “It’s only 4 years, if he doesn’t shape up, that’s ok because he won’t be able to run again.” I take a harsher view. That is, that we gave him 4 years, he screwed it up, and now it’s time for someone new.

So, if I don’t want Obama and I don’t want Romney, (by extension, I don’t believe in either the Democrats or the Republicans) what’s a loyal citizen supposed to do? Let’s take a step back and look at the parties available.

Again, our party system is segregated into Major and Minor Political Parties. Major parties are described as parties that have “an independent state organization… in a majority of the states.”


Political Party States Founded Basic Ideologies
Democratic Party 50 1828 Historically, the party has favored farmers, laborers, labor unions, and religious and ethnic minorities; it has opposed unregulated business and finance, and favored progressive income taxes.
Republican Party 50 1854 Conservatism.
Strong national defense.
Healthcare reform w/o Federal intervention
Minimal Government intervention.
Energy independence.
Choice Education.
Lower Taxes.
Big Business.
Writers Note: Trying to get a simple summary on the Republican Party was a futile effort. Anywhere on the internet you look, some Republican is trashing Democrats in their answers. So, I do have to add that Republicans, in general (not all, of course), tend to degrade any philosophies that don’t match their own. They are basically the reverse position of any Democrat position. This seems to be based purely on an oppositional principle.
Libertarian Party 45 1971 Individual liberty in personal and economic affairs.
Avoidance of “foreign entanglements”.
Avoidance of Military and economic intervention in other nations’ affairs.
Free trade and migration.
It calls for Constitutional limitations on Government.
 Green Party 32 1991 Grassroots democracy.
Social justice and equal opportunity.
Ecological wisdom.
Community-based economics
Feminism and gender equality
Respect for diversity
Personal and global responsibility
Future focus and sustainability
Constitution Party 37 1992 The 7 Principles of the Constitution Party:
Life: For all human beings, from conception to natural death;
Liberty: Freedom of conscience and actions for the self-governed individual;
Family: One husband and one wife with their children as divinely instituted;
Property: Each individual’s right to own and steward personal property without government burden;
Constitution and Bill of Rights interpreted according to the actual intent of the Founding Fathers;
States’ Rights: Everything not specifically delegated by the Constitution to the federal government, nor prohibited by the Constitution to the states, is reserved to the states or to the people;
American Sovereignty: American government committed to the protection of the borders, trade, and common defense of Americans, and not entangled in foreign alliances.
Writers note: While this party claims they are Constitutionalists, they also seek to rewrite and/or repeal certain provisions in the Constitution and Bill of Rights, changing them to reflect their religious views.

Even knowing the simple platforms (I say simple because they tend to get a lot more wordy and in-depth) may make it easy for some people to decide where they belong, but I’ve never been a “fit in the box” type of person. Each one of these parties has something I agree with and each party has something I completely disagree with. So, a matter of “choice” isn’t so easy. Ultimately, I have to vote for someone who I know will make policy I ardently oppose.

To help me further, I found a site that gives you a test on the issues of this election. Simple by choosing Yes, No, or I don’t know, it matches you as close as possible to a single candidate. This was my result:

Gary Johnson Libertarian 78% (32/41) agreed
Jill Stein Green Party 74% (20/27) agreed
 Ron Paul Republican 71% (30/42) agreed
Virgil Goode Constitution 67% (29/43) agreed
Barack Obama Democratic 58%  (26/45) agreed
Mitt Romney Republican 53%  (19/36) agreed

Based on this test, my views closely resemble the Libertarian and Green Party Candidates. With Democrat and Republican Candidates being at the very bottom (fancy that!). Unfortunately, as I said before, I can’t be put into a box. For me to throw my lot in with either party involves something I don’t believe in.

I am thankful, however, that I didn’t fall in line with either the Democrats or Republicans. Precisely because it confirms, if only to myself, that I do not agree with either candidate being in office based on what they believe in.

      1. I know a few things about myself, which I hold to conviction:
      2. I believe people are people and should not be dehumanized.
        • I don’t believe Gay people should have to fight for their rights. They should have already had them – Gay marriage? Why is this even a political issue? Politics has NO business determining this issue.
        • The hatred against the LGBT society has always been spearheaded by Christian, other religious, groups. By asking for Federal Law on the definition of marriage, you’re contradicting the 1st Amendment of Religious Freedom, because Congress is constitutionally restrained from any law based on religious belief. So, you’ve lost that battle before you started.
      3. I believe that lifetime politicians either become corrupt, or lose their sense of perspective (as to whom they work for). Therefore I believe in:
        • Term limitations for Legislators and Supreme Court Justices.
        • Legislators are supposed to work for the people
        • Justices are supposed to work for the Constitution of the United States (by upholding it’s principles).
        • A return to State Sovereignty and a mandatory legislative, recorded, decision, on all proposed bills, on whether it belongs on the State or Federal Level before discussion and votes.
      4. I abhor the idea that any “issue” that comes up in this country is immediately taken to the Federal Level.
        • I can’t stand any politicians that talk about fixing, what should be a state issue, when they gain a federal level office.
        • Ultimately, this reduces our freedom. A federal law is the law of the land. Every citizen has to follow it, therefore choice is removed. States are not allowed to make law that contradicts federal law, but they can make laws that coincide with it.
        • Example: Christian Advocates (better than saying “nutjobs”) want to ban gay marriage. Well, there are states that are definitively pro-Christian. Allow the law to be made in those states, at the state level. No harm, no foul. The effect of this is that everyone has the freedom to move elsewhere. A state that makes bad laws will realize they are making bad laws because, when people move out, that state’s economy will go downhill. I would assume that in a pro-Christian state, the only citizens would be… well, pro-Christian and they can be happy knowing that their state’s laws reflect their values. While those who do not follow those beliefs or values are free to move to another state where their freedoms, religious or otherwise, are more respected. It’s simple, it’s fair.
        • States need to stand up for their Sovereign rights and responsibilities. By not doing so, they are condemning all Americans to live under the totalitarian rule of the beliefs of whoever gets in office.
      5. I also believe in the intent of the Constitution
        • My views on the Constitution and Law derive from documents and records of the Constitutional Convention of 1787.
        • The Constitution, today, is twisted and shredded to make the words fall out in agenda-based format. That is, in part, due to the language and sentence syntax used in the time the Constitution is written. It is different today, so comma’s that are out-of-place and the meanings of specific words or sentences are always being re-interpreted to mean different things. This is idiotic.
        • You can’t have laws to live by if there are 4 different interpretations of the same law, and all based on what issue is being discussed.

      I also noticed that some of the Constitutional Party ideologies, I agree with. However, there are major “issues” that they’ve determined their stance on which I absolutely disagree with. Firstly, their platform begins with declaring that they are Christian based and then goes into ideological banning of abortions, gays, etc. Basically, their whole agenda is controlling what people are allowed to believe while condemning anything that is not in the Bible; again – Religious Nutjobs.

      Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against good Christian people who don’t spew hate and try to live their lives based on the moral and ethical teachings of Jesus Christ, but I vehemently oppose these Christian groups that have become the worst hate groups in history. Wars, spilled blood, persecution, torture, oppression has all been caused, in history, by groups like these. Just as the Conservative Christians of the Republican Party have made politics as negative as they can possibly be.

      The point of all this is that Political Parties tend to put limitations on what you can believe. I find it hard to believe that every person in the Republican Party, or the Democratic Party, believes in every single item of the Party Platforms; and given that, they will still vote as a loyal party member. That is the root of the problem with politics today, in my opinion.

      As an example, I categorically proved that Mitt Romney is a liar, always has been a liar, and most likely would be a President who lies to the citizens of this country. Yet, Republicans are still going to vote for Mitt Romney, and they will still spread their hateful messages towards the LGBT society and anyone else that disagrees with the Republican Propaganda Machine.


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