I’m just one American Citizen that is wondering ‘wtf’ is going on with our country and government.

I, like many of my fellow citizens, have fallen into a complacency in which WE have allowed our elected politicians to become a separate and higher class of people and by doing so have allowed them to change our government in the name of a Constitution that they have chosen to ignore.

I am not some angry radical, but I am a simple citizen who, for the first time in his life, has had every bad thing about his state and federal government directly effect him. When I say -every- bad thing, I tell no jokes. From unemployment and healthcare issues to invasion of privacy and corrupt government and/or law enforcement agencies.

I can be cynical and sarcastic, but most of all, I am just shocked at what I am seeing now that I’ve opened my eyes. It is a situation where I look at my sons and wonder what kind of world they are growing up into.

I feel like something needs to be done. Someone needs to stand up and find a way to create change. Not the type of change these rich, unaffected politicians keep talking about, but real change that only comes through understanding the root of the matter, instead of trying to put a band-aid on the problems.

Once upon a time, when I was young, I envisioned myself running for Congress. Who knows, maybe it’s still an option.

We the People…. That’s you and I…. Have been forgotten.

Before you write me off with a snicker, take a moment to think about it. If you are like I have been, only minutely aware of the politics around you, and barely interested in what our government has been doing, then one day you’ll wake up and realize that we gave them the permission to make bad laws and transform our government. We gave them that permission by being complacent in our right and duty to hold them accountable.

For the sake of my children, I choose to no longer give away my power, rights, clout, and/or political persuasion.

So, What is my agenda?

The full agenda hasn’t really been formulated yet. The first step I’ve taken is to try and spread a more Constitutional view of how our government is supposed to work.

The truth is, State Governments are supposed to be bearing the responsibility of many of the laws and political agendas we see today. Health Care, Education, Welfare Reform, Medicaid, Economy, Job Creation, etc.

It is also true that because the Federal Government is taking (and by taking I mean grabbing) the responsibility of these things, State Governments are weakening and the end result is the liberties and freedoms written into our Constitution are being restricted. As long as the Federal Government continues to make ‘laws of the land’, our Freedom of Choice is disintegrating.

What is happening now is exactly what the founders of the Constitution wanted to avoid.

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