Big Brother Smackdown Series: Piggyback Legislation

A controversial, but not unlawful, practice of piggyback legislation in Congress has become one of the most used methods in Congressional Warfare.  Legally known as a ‘Rider’, these are bills, or groups of bills, that are attached to other legislation which are, many times, unrelated. In this fourth editorial of the Big Brother Smackdown Series, we take a look at what a Rider actually is, and why it is marked as one of the serious problems of our Government.



Big Brother Smackdown Series: Federal vs. State Government

I met an intelligent and interesting person on Twitter, through viewing The Young Turks feed. There was a comment made concerning the report on TYT about the food stamp issue. I’m paraphrasing, but the question/comment was something to the effect of “The Federal Government ensures that women have babies, but does not ensure that they are fed after they are born?”