Uncommon Knowledge: Antonin Scalia

This is a must-see video for a great look inside the mind of a Supreme Court Justice.

After watching this, my opinion (which was largely judgmental without facts or evidence) about Antonin Scalia has turned about completely. He views the law, and the Constitution, the same way I do. He shows intelligent and thought in his answers.

Uncommon Knowledge: Antonin Scalia from The Hoover Institution on FORA.tv


Big Brother Smackdown Series: The Supreme Court

The U.S. Supreme Court

(Politicizing the Constitution of the United States of America)

In recent years, and most especially since the recent Supreme Court decision regarding the Affordable Health Care Act, there has been an outcry, both politically and publicly, for change to be brought to the United States Supreme Court. Proponents of Change argue that the members of the Supreme Court have consistently become more political in their decisions, stretching interpretations of the Constitution to back whatever political agenda they serve.


Could the Individual Mandate Be Unconstitutional Even As a Tax? Part 2

Part 2: The Question of Constitutionality

After reviewing the majority opinion on the Affordable Health Care Act, now we shift to renewing questions of constitutionality. Despite the Supreme Court ruling that the Individual Mandate is constitutional as a tax, it is possible that calling it a tax makes it unconstitutional.


Could the Individual Mandate Be Unconstitutional Even As a Tax? Part 1

Part 1: Precursor – Understanding the Supreme Court Decision

Much ado about everything has been made about the Affordable Health Care Act (AHCA, ObamaCare), but are we missing the most important thing? Did the Supreme Court, in February, find the AHCA constitutional as a tax, despite the tax itself being unconstitutional?

To decide this, we first need to understand the Supreme Court’s controversial decision.