Twitition (Twitter Petition) – Include Gary Johnson in the Debates

Sign this Petition to include Gary Johnson in the debates.

With only 15% of the voter population needed in support, we can assure that Libertarian Candidate Gary Johnson is entered into the debates where he can prove that he has the right idea: About our Country, our Government, and its People.

Help Gary Johnson. It only takes a second of your time and a single click to say, “I support a 3rd Party Candidate in the Electoral Debates.

twitition – Include Gary Johnson in the Debates.


Big Brother Smackdown: Political Parties

Political Parties – Democrats, Republicans, and Those Other Guys

One thing that we hear the most during any election campaign, Presidency or otherwise, is about “Letting your voice be heard”. Now, I’m a guy that sees irony in many things. It just stands out to me. In this statement, the irony is amazingly blatant. I don’t feel the statement is true; and I certainly don’t feel the best people for our country are elected into office. More often than not, the guys that can fix our country are the ones nobody pays attention to.


As Requested: A List of Mitt Romney’s Lies

On Twitter tonight, I had the ill-begotten pleasure of getting into a discussion with a Christian Conservative under the name of @CoFemale. Ordinarily, anyone that I follow has usually shown a sense of intelligence and/or humor. However, as most people who know me can attest, I have a very low tolerance for ignorance.


U.S. Debt Paradox: The Chinese Call Americans Evil, Yet Receive Annual Foreign Aid

These are polarizing times, especially in the United States of America. It is an election year and the battle between primary candidates has been fierce. Beyond the borders of our country, the Olympics have begun. Nations from all over the world compete in an age old competition of athletic supremacy. In such an event, where winners and losers collide, long hidden truths become self-evident.


America Is Not The Greatest Country In The World Anymore – #truthtostupid


I love this. There are about a million websites that have given editorials at length about this, in both agreement and disagreement, so I’m not going to post anything.

Fact is, it’s Truth To Stupid. It’s too bad there’s not a politician or journalist that has the testicular fortitude to say this. It took the writer of a fictional drama series to do so.